Krion® Worktops

Krion countertops are totally versatile and fast gaining popularity in many different industries and in a variety of different situations. For example, it is often used for things such as airline check-in desks, club bar-tops, and as stylish wall cladding where its’ hard wearing properties and great good looks are appreciated. It is also well loved as a kitchen worksurface, again because of its’ versatility and stunning colour range.


An Introduction to Krion®

Krion worktops are manufactured by Systempool S.A. which is part of the Porcelanosa Group, a Spanish company originally founded in 1973, specialising in wall and floor tiles. Systempool had its origins in 1993, and has since become a worldwide distributor of kitchen work surfaces under the Krion name.

Krion was designed for use in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals, pubs, clubs, and anywhere else where a solid surface that is totally immune to bacteria or moulds, and is completely hygienic is required.

Krion countertops have anti-bacterial properties built in. Unlike other materials which actually have a series of anti-bacterial liquids mixed in to the product in order to kill off any bacteria, Krion has no such additives. Over time, bacteria can become immune to such additives, but this cannot happen with Krion.

As such, it has become a favourite for any areas where hygiene is a must. It is used extensively in food preparation areas, as surfacing material in pubs and clubs, in laboratories where tests need to be carried out in completely sterile conditions, in hospitals, in doctors and dentists surgeries, in food manufacturing premises, and many more where totally sterile conditions are required.


Krion® In Design

The material is supplied in a range of formats that means that it can be used in any way that a designer or architect wishes. If you consider what you can do with wood, and then expand on those ideas, it will give you some perception of the possibilities that can be realised with Krion.

It can be thermoformed into any shape that you wish, so can be constructed to do anything that you can imagine.

Krion worktops are completely hygienic and non-allergenic, consisting of two thirds of aluminium trihydride, and a small percentage of high resistance resins.

The result is a material that is hard wearing, resistant to staining and bacterial infection, easy to maintain, easy to clean, and easy to repair, in the unlikely event that it should get damaged. It can be cut in a similar way to wood, and joined seamlessly, so that there is no danger of liquids being absorbed, and no possibility that the joins can even be seen.

Apart from the hygienic properties of the material, it can be thermoformed with curves, angles, sweeping arches, and anything else that you can imagine.

Even though these are not uses where extreme hygiene is required, the ability of Krion to stand up to hard knocks, and come up looking like a million dollars means that major companies are now specifying it for a wide variety of tasks.


Commercial Applications Of Krion® Solid Surfaces

Krion is used in hotels in bathrooms, and bedrooms – as wall decoration. It is used in offices which want a modern appearance for boardrooms and directors areas, for their canteens for the staff, for wash rooms, on board boats and ships, in aircraft – in fact anywhere where a hard-wearing, versatile, stunning looking material is needed.


Caring for a Krion® Worktop

Despite its’ amazing properties, a Krion worktop – like any other work surface material – should be treated with a certain amount of respect.

For instance, never put hot pans straight off the hob or out of the oven directly on the surface. That is asking for trouble, no matter what the material. Yes, it is heat resistant, but “resistant” is the operative word. It is not completely heat tolerant. If you stop to consider it, neither is anything else. Wood will burn, tiles will crack, and so on, if you put boiling hot pans on them.

Always use a trivet with rubber feet, or a heat pad. It is simply common sense.

Similarly, don’t use your beautiful new Krion worktop as a chopping board. Just use a chopping board. The most likely thing if you chop or cut foods on a Krion surface is that you will damage the blade of the knife. However, it is always possible that you might scratch or cut the Krion itself. There is just no point in taking the risk. So use a chopping board – preferably one made of wood. If you go into any butchers, you will see that they use a wooden chopping block, because this causes the least damage to the knife blades.

Try not to let chemicals and acids get on to the work top. There are all sorts of excuses for paint thinners, nail varnish, oven cleaners, and more, getting on to the work top, but a little forethought may save you a lot of grief. If this should happen, then make certain that you wipe it off with warm water as soon as the spill is seen. Krion has a very high resistance to stains, but again, it is a case of better safe than sorry.

Krion worksurfaces have proven themselves worthy of a place in any home. Given a reasonable amount of TLC (Tender Loving Care) they will last a lot longer in the kitchen than you do. The average British family moves home every seven years. Krion worktops and splash backs will last almost a lifetime. There is very little that can go wrong with them. Just remember to use a little common sense, and you can enjoy the beauty of Krion for as long as you remain in your home.


Krion® Supply & Installation

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